PAPER - CORRUGATED - PLASTIC - METAL - SINGLE STREAM - PRODUCT DESTRUCTION Central Paper Stock has been providing recycling services since 1946 The Recycling Specialists You Can Count On Since 1946 Our headquarters house a processing plant and business offices which are conveniently located in St. Louis, Missouri near the Airport by Highway 170, 70 and 270.       - Click Here For A Map - With over 60 years of experience in the recycling industry we are prepared to offer you superior services and quality materials.  We purchase and sell scrap paper, rolls, sheets of paper, corrugated, plastics and metals throughout the United States and the World.  As mill representatives, we market scrap paper and plastics for a large number of paper mills and manufacturers on a regular and continuous basis. . Customer Satisfaction is Priority One Our customers must be able to concentrate on their primary business while scrap material is handled smoothly and efficiencly like clockwork to avoid any disruptions.  Consultation is provided free of charge to improve handling and revenue of your scrap material.  Our prompt personal service and competitive pricing has established a group of long term satisfied clients.  Central Paper Stock is a professional organization, large enough to handle any recycling issue, yet small enough for you to receive immediate answers and results.  CPS IS WHERE YOU COUNT