PAPER - CORRUGATED - PLASTIC - METAL - SINGLE STREAM - PRODUCT DESTRUCTION Central Paper Stock provides document and product destruction services throughout the St. Louis region DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION SERVICE INFORMATION   WHEN YOU WANT TO MAKE SURE YOUR DOCUMENTS ARE DESTROYED, GRIND! The grinder actually grinds material into pulp, thus assuring it cannot be "put back together again" as with traditional shredding equipment. Sunshine Document Destruction is a division of Central Paper Stock.  Central Paper Stock was founded in 1946 and recycles over 20 thousand tons of paper and plastic per year.  Our plant is equipped with a state of the art Vecoplan Grinder which completely destroys documents and is a more secure method than standard strip shredding.   Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 am to 12:00 pm and 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm (closed from noon to 12:30)   Costs: Drop Off - $25.00 for up to 500 pounds .05 per pound after 500 pounds (minimum charge $25.00)   Get Started! Click Here To Download a Shredding Order, fill it out and bring to: 6665 Jonas Place Berkeley, MO 63134 GRINDING IS BETTER   STRIPS OR GRIND? See the difference! Strip shredding is a good way to destroy confidential documents, but not the best way.  As you can see, while strips can be pieced back together, grinding creates irregular and smaller pieces, making it virtually impossible to recreate the document being destroyed.