PAPER - CORRUGATED - PLASTIC - METAL - SINGLE STREAM - PRODUCT DESTRUCTION Recycling one ton of paper can save upto 17 trees Scrap paper and plastic can be a source of revenue for your company.  Whether you are selling your scrap to us because you have been hauling it to the landfill or we are paying you a higher price for your scrap material, the revenue you receive contributes to the bottom line of your company's profit in this ever increasingly competitive business world. • Trash disposal costs will continue to escalate in the future.  The labor cost involved in recycling is fully recovered from the reduction in trash hauling costs. • Recycling scrap material is environmentally friendly.  Seventeen trees are saved for every ton of paper recycled.  Recycling promotes goodwill in your community and helps improve employee morale. If you don't recycle now, pending legislation in most states will require you to recycle in the future.  Why not be proactive to change, instead of reactive to government legislation? NATIONAL RECYCLING CHALLENGE Why Recycle Scrap Paper and Plastic